Thinking Beyond Chocolates – Get Unique Concession Food Ideas with These 3 Treats for Valentine’s Day

What are the top occasions for holiday spending? #1 is Christmas and Hanukkah, #2 is Mother’s Day, and #3 is Valentine’s Day.* Less than a month away, there are plenty of ways to drive sales that center around a Valentine theme – you just have to think outside of the (chocolate) box. Here are some unique food ideas for putting a relevant twist on your concession products for February 14.

1. Rely on red-inspired colors and flavors to set the tone. Cinnamon and strawberry-flavored popcorn can be served year-round, but February is the perfect time to put these center stage. Serve them in clear and/or heart-shaped packaging to add interest, so that they catch the eyes of your customers. Another fun recipe we recommend is red velvet popcorn (recipe below)– made even better when topped with a white chocolate drizzle!

Click the preview image above for the complete Red Velvet Popcorn recipe!

2. Cotton candy is a fun sweet treat that will go over well for Valentine’s Day, especially when you feature gourmet cotton candy flavors, like chocolate strawberry or chocolate cherry. These decadent choices of Flossugar will wow your customers. Pro tip: Give cotton candy a creative presentation like a heart or flower shape. And use red, pink, or other decorative cellophane to dress it up and make it even more attention-grabbing for the consumer.

3. While fudge is another popular gift option, you don’t have to rely on just traditional chocolate flavors. Sell it with a softer look when you offer it with a unique twist. We recommend making vanilla cherry swirl fudge, which is both delicious and visually appealing. Click here to watch a demonstration on how to make a winged fudge swirl pattern. If you’re feeling especially romantic, try making a heart shaped pattern!

As you can see, Valentine’s Day is not just about traditional boxes of chocolate. Browse the rest of our products at, and contact us for more ideas on how to display and sell gourmet popcorn, cotton candy, and fudge!


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