It’s Almost Fall! 5 Ways to Maximize Opportunities in Autumn

It's Almost Fall! 5 Ways to Maximize Concessions Sales in AutumnFor concession foods, it’s time to think beyond the summer season! Recently we shared ideas for turning everyday snacks into seasonal best-sellers for fall. To help you continue with that momentum, here are five more ways to maximize your food sales for autumn.

1. The Name Game – Have fun with your food names! It will add to the experience when you offer Creature Caramel Popcorn (find Gold Medal caramel popcorn supplies here) or Zombie Nachos. Make it your own signature item that your visitors will tell their friends about.

2. Get the Kids Involved – If you’re keeping the kids happy, mom and dad are more likely to stay to enjoy the food and fun. Face painting is a simple way to bring extra smiles to everyone. Connect food and crafts with a station where children decorate their own caramel apple. Another option to keep the crowds entertained is to hold a raffle for door prizes at select times throughout the day.

3. Get in the Fall Spirit with Décor – This can be as simple as decorating your food truck with a few miniature pumpkins and/or a pretty seasonal banner that says “Happy Fall!” Having a visually interesting setup will help draw customers in.

4. Specials Will Sell – The majority of concession foods are low cost, giving you great margin flexibility in pricing. Offer coupons, which can be printed on entry tickets or maps, giving your concession stand greater visibility. To give it a seasonal touch, also print your own coupons with black ink on orange paper. An alternative to coupons is to give discounts at a certain time of day, such as closing time.

5. Use Color and Flavor – Treat your guests to a visual feast when you color your popcorn for the season. Make it orange and black for Halloween, try a flavor like green apple and give it a slime-themed name, and sell it in tins or other packaging that can be used for parties. Remember that your guests wait all year to get their favorite fall flavors! Caramel apples, Fall Spice cotton candy, and pumpkin funnel cakes (click here to see our selection of funnel cake fryers) with cream cheese icing will likely prove to be popular items for your menu.

At Gold Medal, every season is concession season! We’ve helped all kinds of businesses discover the best profit makers. Let us answer your questions. We can be reached via email at or call 1-800-543-0862.

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