The ABCs of Gourmet Popcorn

Go back to the basics with an alphabet summary of everything you want to know about gourmet popcorn!

Affordability – With low production costs, popcorn is a worthwhile investment. In fact, costs are so low, some businesses are even willing to give it away.

Basic Production – With user-friendly equipment, the process is not labor intensive. And with a wide range of products including shake-on flavors, cheese pastes and glazes, you can shape your own menu.

Completely Customizable – There are options from complete sweet shop set-ups to kiosks, so you can customize a plan that will work for your location’s needs, goals and budget.

Designed to Save Space – When it comes to utilizing space efficiently, popcorn delivers! Equipment can be mounted on a counter/base or on a wheeled cart for convenience.

Event Enhancing – For a wedding reception or private event, you can offer a popcorn bar where guests can choose their own combinations. Personalized bags can also make for a memorable party gift.

Flavorful – With a large assortment of flavors, you can customize different offerings and find out what works well with your customer base.

Gift Options – Gourmet popcorn is a versatile snack that also makes a great gift. You can create gift baskets that would make an excellent treat for any special occasion.

Happy Hour – It’s simple to keep patrons thirsty at Happy Hour while they dig into an assortment of popcorn flavors. Try for tasty pairings like Bacon & Cheese!

Interactive with Senses – The sights, sounds and aromas of producing popcorn on-site will engage buyers’ senses and encourage impulse purchases.

Jumbo Sizes – Create a walking advertisement for your venue by offering a jumbo-sized bag of popcorn, labeled with your brand name.

Kid’s Choice – For fun, start by popping up each of the different types of fruity flavors. Combine them all together to make a rainbow mix that kids of all ages will love!

Light and Healthy – For health-minded customers, there are options they’ll appreciate including clean label and vegan varieties.

Mix and Match – Make your own flavor combinations! Caramel and Cheese is one popular variety. Or try Buffalo Breath and Ranch for a spicy kick!

Nuts and More – Don’t stop with just flavors, add toppings! Nuts, flavor wafers, sprinkles and icing make dessert flavors even better.

Opportunity – Popcorn is considered to be the fastest-growing snacking category, which means there’s a market of opportunity wherever you are.

Positive Profit Picture – With low costs and high perceived value, you are able to achieve profit margins of 70% or higher.

Quick Turnaround – Using our equipment, supplies and simple processes, you’ll have the ability to practically manufacture flavors on-demand and create customer satisfaction.

Range of Recipes – There’s no limit on your creativity. With popcorn you can come up with your own signature line of recipes to give guests an experience they can’t get anywhere else.

Savory and Sweet – Enjoy the best of both worlds! Convenient Shake-On Savories come in over 25 different flavors. For sweeter tastes, there’s also more than 25 types of Glaze Pop® or Corn Treats.

Tested and Proven – Gold Medal has worked with customers across a wide range of markets and we can share our knowledge and experience in the gourmet popcorn industry with you.

Unusual Twists – Enhance your current menu selections with gourmet popcorn! For example, a restaurant could pair Mediterranean Herb with a fresh salad and also have ice cream topped with Caramel Corn.

Versatility in Venue – Gourmet popcorn has the ability to work well in so many unique settings. If you can imagine it, we can help make it happen!

Worthwhile Investment – Low initial costs and high profit margins mean that you can be on your way to earning a return on your investment quicker than with most other start-ups.

Xtra Appreciation – Many businesses offer popcorn as a free courtesy to customers. It creates an inviting atmosphere and is great for occupying kids. Because the costs are low, it is doable!

Year-round – The timing isn’t just limited to holidays and special events. You can find opportunities throughout the year, like a Flavor of the Month Club!

Zero – SunnyPop® popcorn provides some of the most sought-after nutritional benefits:  it is whole-grain, gluten-free, non-GMO and contains zero grams of trans fat.


If you’re thinking about starting a gourmet popcorn business, Gold Medal has the resources to help you be successful! Get started by consulting with one of our concession specialists; just call 800-543-0862.



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