Unraveling the Myths About Caramel Corn: Part 1

Unraveling the Myths About Caramel Corn

Unraveling the Myths About Caramel Corn

Caramel corn is an undeniably sweet treat that has amazing profit potential. It’s the perfect solution for an easy add-on to existing businesses, or can launch a whole new career path. But, like any other new venture, there are countless questions and myths floating around that can make or break a new endeavor before it even starts. Below, we’ve answered some of the great caramel corn questions, and given you some recipes to success.

1. I can’t make caramel corn, if I don’t have a machine.

False—If you already have a popcorn machine, Caramel Glaze Pop® is an easy way to make great-tasting caramel corn right in your kettle with your corn and oil. Any of the Glaze Pop flavors are a great way to mix up your offerings and test the candy-coated popcorn market before investing in a cooker/mixer.

Other Candy-Coated Corn—There are nine other popular mixes to sweeten your sales. Try Pop-N-Glaze for a simple, sugary kick, or fruit flavors like Grape and Cherry Pink, or pop up sales with Maple and Chocolate.

2. Corn Treat Mixes and Glaze Pop® will look the same.

False—The Corn Treat Mix-coated batches will be thickly covered. The Glaze Pop-coated batches will be mostly, but not entirely, covered for just the right overall, sweet finish. This is because the Corn Treat Mixes are continually “painted” as they are cooked and stirred in the mixer. When you use Glaze Pop, there is a set amount of mix in the kettle; it is heated and sets onto the popping kernels. The popped corn takes the mixture with it as it leaves the kettle, which means there is less to coat the corn at the end of the popping cycle.

3. I don’t know how to make caramel corn, so I can’t sell it.

False—The Complete Corn Treat Mixes are perfect for those who have a mixer, but unsure of the preparation steps. Just add water to these all-in-one packets for delicious, full-flavored caramel corn. Or, try the One-Step Corn Treat Mix; simply add sugar and water for the best, buttery, sweet caramel corn.

4. There isn’t a mix that let’s me put my own spin on caramel corn.

False—You can put your own signature on caramel corn with the Caramel Corn Treat Mix. Use the mix, then add your own creative flare, sugar, oil, and water.

5. There are more ways to increase my profits.

Absolutely True—Boost sales by creating specialty corn. You can mix and match flavors and colors for schools, holidays, businesses, wedding favors, and so much more. Use the color-only and flavor-only Corn Treat Mixes with the Basic Corn Treat Mix to create items like Black Cherry for Halloween or Vanilla with no color if there are color sensitivities (food allergies).

Now, that we have the basic ingredients, it’s on to finding the right machine and debunking more caramel corn myths. Stay tuned for our next blog on Thursday for additional answers.

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