Hot Dog Machines Keep these Concession Food Staples Rolling

Hot DogFit for either a meal or snack, the hot dog has long been one of the most popular concession foods. Whether at the ballpark, a festival, shopping mall or wherever people gather, more often than not we can detect that mouthwatering aroma emanating from a hot dog machine somewhere in the vicinity.

There’s Something About a Ballpark Hot Dog

A hot dog off the grill at home can certainly be as tasty as any other hot dog. However, we often hear people claim there’s no better dog than those sold at the ballpark. This could be due in part to the atmosphere or the fact that the hot dog is woven into the fabric of our overall ballpark experience. But actually, the equipment for cooking hot dogs at the ballpark usually isn’t much different than the hot dog machines found in stores or in concession stands at other venues and events.

The Machinery

Hot dogs can be cooked in a number of different ways, including grilling, steaming and boiling. But for concession and vending purposes, the hot dog grill roller is the preferred piece of equipment for producing hot, delicious dogs.

These machines come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and are generally built from sturdy, heavy-duty stainless steel. They contain a series of rollers placed closely together, and at least one heat-regulating dial for adjusting roller temperatures.

Hot dogs placed on the slowly-rotating heated rollers are cooked evenly throughout. The dog’s natural flavors are “locked in” as a result. After the cooking process is completed, roller temperatures can be dialed to keep the hot dogs fresh and warm for whenever they will be served.

Hot dog roller machines typically contain drip pans. And the rollers themselves can easily be removed for cleaning. The capacity of these machines varies from being capable of producing several dozen to several hundred hot dogs per hour. Regardless of its location, a well-maintained stainless steel hot dog roller machine will produce plump and juicy dogs for many years and seasons.

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