The Sno-Kones® (Snow Cone): A Universal Warm Weather Treat

Sno-Kones at the FairWhether attending a ballgame, festival, or any summertime event, it’s quite common for kids and adults to search for a concession stand with a snow cone maker. This chilly treat may be spelled a number of different ways, such as “sno cone,” “snow kone,” or “sno-kone®.” Regardless of the branding, the term “snow cone” means only one thing on a sweltering summer day: Icy cool refreshment!

To Beat the Heat, Ice is Nice

Depending on where you live, some summer — or even late-spring — afternoons reach a point where the heat is almost suffocating, especially in parts of the country notorious for high humidity.

At this point, our instincts usually kick in and we begin to search for something that will help us cool down a bit. Cold drinks, ice cream and even those little spay water bottles with the fans attached to them all seem like viable options. But we set our sights on the one thing that we know will satisfy our craving for coolness: Ice!

Therefore, our next step is to head directly to the snow cone vendor, where we will be able to choose from a variety of flavors to top our crushed ice treat. We don’t think much about it as we dive into this frozen delight. But eating crushed ice on a sultry day actually carries with it a number of benefits. We immediately realize the cooling effects of our snow cone consumption, but the ice will obviously turn back into its original form, water, which will keep us hydrated.

Additionally, for young children, seniors and those who sometimes experience physical problems in the heat, the ice from a snow cone can lower one’s core body temperature by a few degrees. This can help prevent the possibility of developing conditions such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

So, the next time the heat begins to become somewhat unbearable at an outdoor affair, look for the nearest snow cone machine. Not only will your taste buds appreciate this flavorful icy delicacy, but its rejuvenating impact on your body may help you to at least temporarily avoid the withering effects of the heat!

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