Cotton Candy Fun Facts

Cotton Candy ConeAs I was sitting on the plane coming back from a business trip the older gentleman next to me and I started talking. As the conversation started to flow we begin talking about what I do for a living and the subject of cotton candy came up and this older gentlemen sure took me to school when it comes to where it is from and how it was originally made. Since I was so new…. I did a little research and I found these Cotton Candy Fun Food Fact

  • Most food historians seem in a hurry to give the U.S. credit for it, but cotton candy actually originated in the central Iranian city of Yazd. It is known as Pashmak by Iranians, and has been made for centuries.
  • It then became popular in Italy in the 15th century, but without cotton candy machines the popularity was limited.  This brings us to how America stole the thunder and became known as its founder.
  • Spun sugar, made on forks, was prohibitively expensive, and was reserved for ancient royalty in Medieval times.  The cooks would make them castles and dragons out of the stuff to their great joy.  The little princes and princesses would be enchanted.

Tom Newsome – Jacksonville Branch Manager

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