Make 40% of Your Yearly Sales in Just a Few Weeks

The weather may be cooling, but now is the time to cash in on hot holiday sales. Dropping temperatures remind consumers the holidays will soon be here, and the yearly quest for the “person who has everything” is quickly descending. Families will typically spend more in November and December than in the previous 10 months combined.

According to The National Retail Federation, 2011 holiday sales reached $471.5 billion in America. The group also reported that many small and mid-sized businesses do 20%-40% of their annual sales in the final two months of the year. Holiday sales are forecasted to increase another 4.1% this year.

Now is the time to capitalize on the spending and increase repeat business sales!

Give Something Memorable

Personal concession equipment for the home is the answer. Small poppers, Sno-Kone® machines, or cotton candy equipment are the gifts that keep giving. They’re not only the ideal presents to get customers into your store or display room; they also introduce you to buyers from a variety of markets. Shoppers will come to you for their supplies and keep you in mind for their churches, schools, party rentals, and so much more.

10 Tips to Increase Holiday Spending

  1. Get Started Now—One of the biggest mistakes is to wait to market, schedule employees, or order stock. Plan now for success.
  2. Theme or Localize Your Holiday Promotions—Stand out from the competition. This is especially key if you are a small or medium-size business. You need to tell your customers why you are unique, who you are, and why people should buy local.
  3. Reach Out to Community Groups—This is the time of year for business, school, community, and religious groups to host family or corporate functions. Get your name out by donating equipment or food, sponsoring an event, or speaking at a function.
  4. Gifts for Every Budget—Entice customers with a range of prices from teaser deals and packages. Promote the price range or “prices starting at…” in your marketing.
  5. Create an Event—Host Power Hours, Secret Santa Days, or Black Friday sales.
  6. Have it in Stock—People are more likely to buy-up and add onto their order when it’s convenient. Keep a selection of the top-sellers on hand to ensure fast delivery and same-day pickup. Also, be sure to re-organize your displays to encourage impulse buys.
  7. Consider Back-End Sales—Are there any items you could take a slight loss on in exchange for the chance to hook the customer? Think of how the large retailers slash costs on big-ticket items. People know there will only be a limited quantity and come early to snag the deal, which encourages other purchases. This is especially ideal for anything you may want to move out of inventory.
  8. Direct and E-mail Marketing—The holidays are the best time to reach out to lapsed customers or those who expressed interest, but haven’t bought yet.
  9. Send Out Coupons—Create the call to action with limited-time-only deals.
  10. Stagger Your Deals—Don’t give it all away at once. Plan specials to get customers back during the holiday months and into the future.

Bonus: Don’t Stop with the Holidays—People are planning parties even during the cool months. Create Super Bowl deals, specials for holidays like Boxing Day, Valentine’s Day sweetheart deals, and so much more!

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